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Step in to your Future:  A supportive self-discovery performance coaching experience.


How do we achieve balance, contentment and personal success, in the face of a changing world? Too many of us get stuck in less-than-fulfilling situations. 

Here’s a solution: this unique coaching method to help you overcome the challenge of feeling as if you’re stuck or not achieving your full potential, and discover the path that’s right for you. 

This expedited approach will lead you towards the life and career you want. It will help you understand your own distinctive value so that you can match your work with your best, most successful self.

Confidence and contentment are the payoff – you’ll know who you are and how you best fit in the world.

You’ll take meaningful steps to improve your life, embrace success and honour who you are.




Why doing this program will change your career performance and life path.

If you are transitioning or would like to, there's a different approach.  This approach will allow you to quickly get on the path that’s right for you. It will help you understand your unique value and match your career and life to that uniqueness. 


After having done this program, you’ll know who you are, and be bold in taking charge - taking steps to improve your life.  

I will help you embrace success without losing your soul.

What do you expect from this program?


It can be daunting to think about what we are going to do and achieve, let alone what to do next, and how to get there. 


There’s a link between our work and career life, our family life, our skills and talents, our emotional tendencies, and our beliefs and values. At the centre is our self – who we are and who we might become – the state which provides us the greatest level of personal success and satisfaction.


Where we come from, what we’ve experienced, provides us with both challenges and opportunities.


Not Your Usual Coaching Program

This program is not your usual coaching program; it is not like anything you’ve seen anywhere else before. It contains elements that many coaches don’t hold in their repertoire, not through any fault of their own, but simply because they may not have had the varied experience base needed to create the whole solution. In a manner that is different from any other program, this approach takes on specific aspects of our lives that are not typically addressed in typical coaching programs.


My own experiences as a student, professor, executive, high-level consultant, spouse, head financier of a family, and a volunteer who takes care of others, are all drawn into this program. Best practices based on years of experience and extraordinary success supplemented by incredible learning. Your life and your career will improve. Give it a try. Enquiries and initial consultations are free and unconditional.

Your Shortcut to Success: The Whole-of-Self Performance Coaching Experience

A 6-Module Guide to Maximizing Your Whole-Person Performance:

Module 1

Goals and Inspiration

Module 2

Current Situation – Identify, Analyze, Conclude

Module 3

Gap Identification

Module 4

Gap Analysis

Module 5


Module 6

Direction and Action Plan

Brief Bio:

Linda Wolstencroft, P.Eng., MBA holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Business Administration degree from York University. In her 35-year career she has served as a corporate executive and as the lead for her consulting firm. She currently teaches business at the University of Calgary. Linda has led several organizations in winning an aggregate of $3B in major contract awards and has faced and overcome significant family and personal challenges. Linda and her husband Michel live in Calgary, Canada, and have three great sons and six wonderful grandchildren.


Glen Thorne, Chief Business 
Development Officer,

Weatherhaven Global Resources Ltd.


I am very pleased with Linda’s work on leading a major business development project for our company. She has built a robust team, communicates well, is well-organized, and provides intelligent and well-thought-out advice on our win strategy. I believe we made the right choice when we engaged with Linda for this work. It’s truly been a pleasure working with someone with Linda’s leadership skills, capability, focus, and steady state demeanour. Linda was a key and central part of our bid preparation…when our team fell short, she was there to prop us up. Her efforts were instrumental in us winning the largest contract in our company’s history!

Constance Dierickx, PhD

Author of High-Stakes Leadership and The Merger Mindset 
Harvard Business Review and Forbes contributor 


If you are tired of looking for happiness in all the wrong places and are ready to look in the right places, work with Linda.



Complete the course for just $3500* and our promise. Bursaries are available - please contact for further information.


I promise to perform this work with you based on my top-notch professional and ethical standards.

*Fees subject to change based on individual requirements.

Copyright © 2021. Linda Wolstencroft,
Maximizing Your Performance

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